Memorial Donations for Tom Marshall

As we mourn the loss of our founder, mentor and friend, Tom Marshall, we celebrate all that he achieved and inspired. In his honor, we offer those wishing to commemorate his life with memorial donations three ways to direct their gifts, if they wish.

  1. We always welcome unrestricted gifts that may be directed wherever most needed, notably toward educational programs and maintenance of the historic collections entrusted to our care by Tom and Ruth Marshall.
  2. Building the organization’s Endowment Fund to provide ongoing operating support remains critical to ensuring the success and relevance of Auburn Heights far into the future.
  3. A Museum Capital Improvements Project is under way to upgrade the museum facility, originally built by Tom’s father in 1947. Improvements will include professional exhibits and enhanced space for the collections, education space, improved HVAC and security systems, and modern public restrooms. Click here for more on these plans.

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