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Our programs cover such themes as:

  • History 1890 – Present
  • Transportation changes & impacts on American society
  • Transportation technologies: Steam, gas, electric systems
  • Engineering design, process & prototyping
  • Conservation & preservation
  • Primary sources & learning from objects

Some of our special activities include:

  • Group assembly lines
  • Building car & train models out of recycled materials
  • Arts & craft projects
  • Free play activities (preschool)

We are happy to adjust any of our programs to match your age group and teaching needs. Have a question or not sure what would work best for your group? Fill out our simple program request form, and our Director of Education will put together what she thinks will work best for your group and its needs. Or consider visiting us and book a field trip. We are also happy to come to you and give a presentation to your teachers about what options are available from the Marshall Steam Museum for your students.

TEACHERS: View Teacher Outlines after each program for individual descriptions, learning objectives, and standards.


  • Program Duration: 1 Hour
  • Program Cost: $100 Program Fee for a 60-minute program at locations within a 20-mile radius of the Marshall Steam Museum. $85 for each additional program at the same location for same day. For locations outside a 20-mile radius, please call for pricing information.
  • Group size: 1 Classroom, maximum of 30 students per 1-hour program
  • A minimum of one adult chaperone per group is required for all programs and must remain with the students during the length of the program.
  • Minimum age for Story Time is 3 years old.


Story time with the Marshall Steam Museum

Story time is designed for our youngest audience ages 3 to 6. Themed lessons encourage participants to engage with history, science, technology and more. Programs are 1 hour long and include reading 2 books, interactive discussions using images and objects, and finish with a craft to take home. Click on the individual program names for Teacher Outlines.


Current Programs Include:


I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – Ages 2-6

During this program we will read several train books to learn about different kinds of train cars and jobs on the train. We will practice counting, colors and the sounds a train makes by getting up and moving through interactive activities. We will enjoy a game of Conductor Says…! before making a craft to take home.

T is for Track – Ages 3-8

During this program we will explore types of transportation through books and pictures. We’ll learn about how trains work, and then work together to build a set of train tracks. We will finish the program by reading The Little Engine that Could  before making a craft to take home.

Engineer It – Ages 4-8

What would it be like to design a car of the future or maybe an entire city? We’ll compare cars of the past to cars today and read two books to get into the designing mood: If I Built a Car and Block City. Then we will put our brains to work as we design a car or city of our own with a take home craft.

Queen of the Road – Ages 5-8

During this program we will learn about Alice Ramsey, the first woman to drive cross country in an automobile in 1909, and her historic trip. We will unpack a historic suitcase to discover what Alice Ramsey might have taken with her. We will explore what maps can teach us and then we will create our own suitcase with the important things we need on a road trip with our take home craft.

DE Standards: G1.K-3a, H1.K-3a, H2.K-3a, H3.K-3a, H4.K-3a&b.
Common Core ELA: RIK.1-3, RIK.7, RI1.1-3, RI1.6-7, RI2.1-3, RI2.7, RI3.1-3, RI3.7, WK.1-3, SLK.1-6, SL1.1-5, SL2.1-4, SL3.1-4.



A Cross-Country Roadtrip – Grades 2+

kids and crafts

Investigate what travel was like when Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive an automobile across the United States in 1909. We will practice being historians as we join Alice on her journey, deciding what she and her friends will need on their trip and figuring out how to overcome the many obstacles she faced. We will finish the program by making our own suitcase to take home, decorated with the places we want to travel and the things we will take with us.  

DE Standards: G1.K-3a, H1.K-3a, H2.K-3a, H3.K-3a, H4.K-3a&b
Common Core ELA: RIK.1-3, RIK.7, RI1.1-3, RI1.6-7, RI2.1-3, RI2.7, RI3.1-3, RI3.7, WK.1-3, SLK.1-6, SL1.1-5, SL2.1-4, SL3.1-4

Racing, Speed, and STEAM – Grades 2+

Learn about early steam race cars and how cars and other forms of transportation became faster through racing and innovation. We will use a race track to test out ways to make cars faster and see the problems that can come with speed. Then kids will build balloon cars out of recycled materials, using the process of innovation to improve their designs. (60 or 90 minute program)

DE Standards: H1.K-3a, H1.4-5a, H2.K-3a, H2.4-5a, H2.4-5b, H4.K-3a, H4.4-5b, 
Common Core ELA: RI2.1, RI2.3-4, RI3.3-4, RI3.7, RI4.3-4, RI5.3-4, RI6.7, SL2.1-3, SL3.1, SL3.3, SL4.1, SL5.1.
NGSS: Engineering Design: K-2-ETS1-1-3, 2-5-EST1-1-3, MS-ETS1-3, Energy: 4-PS3-1.


Bridge Builders – Grades 3+

Explore the world of bridges. Learn about different types and styles, building materials and what makes the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges special. Then take what you’ve learned and work in groups to complete the bridge building challenge before you build a bridge out of recycled materials. Program Schedule: 15 minutes introduction and discussion, 10 minutes for building challenge, 35 minutes for creating building time.

Amazing Automobile Race – Grades 2+

Learn about the first automobile race that took place in America back in 1895 Chicago through an interactive storytelling with kid participants as our racers. Then kids will put their engineering minds to work building cars using recycled materials, such as plastic food containers, boxes, cardboard tubes, bottle caps, toothpicks, skewers, and more. Program Schedule: 30-minute introduction & group reenactment; remaining 30 minutes are left for creative building time.

DE Standards: H1.K-3a, H1.4-5a. H2.K-3a, H4.K-3a-b, H4.4-5b.
Common Core ELA: RI2.1, RI2.3-4, RI2.7, RI3.3, RI3.7, RI4.3, RI4.7, SL2.1-4, SL2.6, SL3.1-4, SL3.6, SL4.4.

Early Engineers – Grades 2+
Great Addition to Motion & Design or Engineering Units

Examine the accomplishments of engineers who designed the first automobiles, such as Karl Benz and Henry Ford, while learning the steps engineers follow to solve problems. Practice new skills sketching out an engineering design and by building a car out of recycled materials to take home. Technology Requirement: Access to presentation software or wall on which to project presentation for 90 minute program. (60 or 90 minute program)

DE Standards: H1.4-5a, H2.4-5b, H4.4-5a&b, E1.4-5a&b
Common Core ELA: RI4&5.1, RI4&5.3, RI4&5.9, SL4&5.1, SL4&5.2, SL4&5.4, L4&5.1
NGSS: Engineering Design: 3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-5-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-3.
Click here for the Teacher Outline.



For the Month of December

Old-Fashioned Holiday

Enjoy a winter-themed program with the Marshall Steam Museum. Learn about the conductor on a train before reading The Polar Express. Then pretend to be your favorite parts of winter, such as snow and sleds. Finally, get creative with our make-and-take activities.

  • Program Fee: $125 for location within 20 miles of the Marshall Steam Museum
  • Maximum 30 participants; Suggested for Pre-K to Grade 2
  • Discounts if you book back-to-back programs


For more information regarding booking an outreach program with the Marshall Steam Museum, please contact:

Director of Education

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