Volunteer Open House & Meeting

Saturday, April 14
Open House: 1 to 3 pm
Volunteer Meeting: 3 to 4 pm


Meet members of our amazing volunteer team during the open house and discover how they make the magic happen at Auburn Heights. Bring a friend and find the fun together! All are welcome!


Like so many museums and public organizations, Auburn Heights and the Marshall Steam Museum rely on their volunteers to bring the site to life. From their work keeping the historic automobiles and locomotives in good repair to sharing the history of the site, helping with children’s crafts or popping popcorn, volunteers share their talents, skills and enthusiasm to make the Auburn Heights experience great for each and every visitor.


Volunteer Anne Cleary told us, “I used to split my time between the railroad and the cars, but the train is my favorite of all! The best part about volunteering is making the little children smile and laugh and talking to the older guests who came as children and are having just as much fun as the kids around them.”


Coming from many different backgrounds, each volunteer has their own story and motivation that led them to Auburn Heights. Some have been coming for years, involved in working with the historic automobiles even before the Marshall Steam Museum was officially established. Others have come more recently and found a place where there are opportunities to hone skills and interests, learn new things and make lasting friendships. “I was so impressed by how every volunteer welcomed me into the workshop,” Larry Tennity explained, when asked about his initial days at Auburn Heights. “I can’t think of another place that allows their visitors the opportunity to learn about the ‘Age of Steam’ through hands-on experience like Auburn Heights does. To me, it is a privilege to be able to do so and I hope to be able to volunteer for as long as I am able.”


Mike Leister remarked that he started volunteering as a way to continue to use his skills as a steam locomotive engineer: “The era of the steam train was unique because it was the last era of technology where someone could almost understand how everything on a train worked without needing to call in specialists for different parts of the machine. Driving the steam train and seeing the excitement and joy it brings to visitors makes each day at Auburn Heights a special one.”


Our volunteers come because they love to be here, to be part of the new things that are happening and to preserve what has been built at Auburn Heights. With programs and events bourgeoning and changing each year, there is an ongoing need for new volunteers to add their time and talents to the mix. With opportunities ranging from tour guides and educational program assistants to the Auburn Valley Railroad crew and event volunteers, there is something for everyone at Auburn Heights and the Marshall Steam Museum.

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