1905 Stanley Runabout Model CX

Slightly larger and more powerful than the 1902 model, the CX was the last model with tiller steering and a boiler under the seat. A very primitive car today, this model was nonetheless used for track racing, and in 1904 a very similar model was driven by F. E. Stanley up the motor road to the top of Mount Washington in 28 minutes.

Tom Marshall bought this car from Robert Smith of St. Michaels, Maryland, in 1975. Painted red, white, and blue in honor of the nation’s bicentennial, it participated in several parades in 1976. In 1986, the color scheme changed to the present colors. It has been driven on 2 one- and two-cylinder tours and to several local events.

Capacity: 2/4 passengers
Engine: 8 horsepower
Weight: 1,000 pounds
Wheelbase: 78 inches
Cost: $670 in 1905; today’s equivalent: $16,900

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