1908 Stanley Gentleman’s Speedy Roadster H-5

By 1908, the Stanleys were manufacturing a full line of models, from family touring cars to limousines to fast roadsters. The Model H-5 is the sports car of the line, advertised as “intended for those who wish to hit up a speed of 65 or 70 miles an hour on a good, safe road.”

This vehicle was purchased from Murray M. Brown of Athol, Massachusetts, around 1950, when his wife of one year said either the car had to go or she would. A toolmaker by trade, Brown purchased the car during World War II and completely disassembled it to refinish each piece. The story goes that he painted and striped the pieces while in the nude to prevent any dust from clothing getting into the paint.

Clarence Marshall purchased the Model H-5 pieces from Brown and assembled them, taking the car to meets sponsored by the Antique Automobile Club of America. His son Tom drove it on a 1973 steam car tour. This automobile also participated in the great New Jersey Steam and Air Race about 1975 and traveled to Columbus, Ohio, for the annual convention of Stanley Steemer, Inc., the rug cleaning company.

Capacity: 2 passengers
Engine: 20 horsepower
Weight: 1,350 pounds
Wheelbase: 100 inches
Cost: $1,350 in 1908; 2015 equivalent: $35, 526

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