1908 Stanley Model EX

The Stanley Motor Carriage Company made styling changes in 1905–7, placing the boiler and burner under a hood in front and replacing the tiller with a steering wheel. The driver finally made it to the front seat, but he was still on the “wrong side.”

The Model EX, made for three years, represented the largest production of any model throughout the Stanley company’s 25-year history. This car was purchased for the museum by Clarence Marshall in 1948 and painted the following year. The original owner was a Mr. W. B. Dalrymple of Vermont.

This car adopted in memory of Joel D. Citron

Capacity: 4 passengers
Engine:  10 horsepower
Weight: 1,200 pounds
Wheelbase: 90 inches
Cost: $870 in 1908; today’s equivalent: $20,400

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