1907 Stanley Semi-Racer Model K

In 1906, the Stanleys developed their strongest power plant ever, using a 4½-inch x 6½-inch engine and a 30-inch-diameter boiler. That same year, this power plant drove their streamlined racer to a world land speed record of 127.66 MPH. By 1907, the same power plant, with a somewhat smaller boiler, was installed in a very light three-passenger vehicle, creating one of the very first muscle cars. The catalog termed it a “semi-racer,” and only 26 were built.

Clarence Marshall bought a used Model K in 1910 and owned it for three years. That vehicle was later broken up and the parts thrown in the back corner of a machine shop in Avondale, Pennsylvania. In 1945, Hyde Ballard gathered up what he could find and used many of the original parts to rebuild the car. Tom Marshall acquired and restored it in 1986.

Capacity: 3 passengers
Engine: 30 horsepower
Weight: 1,850 pounds
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Cost: $1,800 in 1908; 2015 equivalent: $47,368

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