1913 Stanley Roadster Model 78

Purchased for the museum about 1949, this car was originally owned by Dr. J. H. Allen of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. It is one of three metal-bodied 20-horsepower roadsters in existence, and the only surviving Model 78. After its purchase, this very original car received a quick paint job, new top, side curtains, and some engine work before being driven 1,200 miles on the 1950 Glidden Tour. It also participated in the 1974 Steam Car Tour. The wheels installed after the 1950 restoration were 34×4, but these were eventually changed in 1974 to Elster Hayes wheels and Coker rims.

In 2010, the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve commissioned a complete restoration of this car by Charles W. Johnson of Wellsville, Pennsylvania. In December of 2012, the car returned just in time to mark the beginning of its centennial year.

This car adopted by J. Stephen Bryce

Capacity: 2 passengers
Engine: 20 horsepower
Weight: 2,500 pounds
Wheelbase: 115 inches
Cost: $1,640 in 1913; today’s equivalent: $36,700

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