1913 Stanley Touring Model 76

1913 Stanley Model 76

A fine family excursion car, the Model 76 features an aluminum-skinned body over a wooden frame. Affectionately referred to as “the Becker car,” this was the first automobile acquired by Clarence Marshall when he began building his steam car collection.

Originally sold new by Marshall to John Becker of Kennett Township, Pennsylvania, in February 1913, it was driven by Becker 9,100 miles in six years. In 1919, the owner retired it to a dry garage, where it remained for two decades until Marshall bought it in 1940 for $150. He soon had it running again, changing the boiler to a Derr water-tube type and installing a Cruban burner.

In 1954, a partial restoration and repainting resulted in the installation of the original type Stanley boiler and burner. In 1986, the undercarriage and wheels were painted yellow, much closer to the original color, and a new top and leather upholstery replaced the original. The engine was removed and given new bearings in its first rebuild in the spring of 2011, but mechanically, it is almost as built. The car has probably been driven about 45,000 miles since 1940 and has been on four Glidden Tours and many steam car tours.

Capacity: 5 passengers
Engine: 20 horsepower
Weight: 2,800 pounds
Wheelbase: 120 inches
Cost: $1,700 in 1913; today’s equivalent: $38,000

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