1914 Stanley Model 607

The 10-horsepower Stanleys far outnumbered all others because they were the least expensive, but 1914 was the final year for these smaller cars, as it was for wood frames, full elliptic springs in front, right-hand steering, and gas lights.

Tom Marshall purchased this vehicle in 1946 for $500 from Donald H. Randall of Randolph, Massachusetts. Before it was driven 400 miles to Delaware, a newly built burner was installed at Randall’s home. At this time, if an antique car went to a meet or tour, it was simply driven there, so between 1946 and 1952, the car traveled about 10,000 miles, completing the Glidden Tour in 1948 and venturing twice to New England in 1948 and 1951 to attend steam car meets.

In 1949, the Model 607 underwent cosmetic restoration in Bill Allaband’s shop in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Six decades later, in 2009, the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve completely disassembled the vehicle for a full frame-off restoration, most of which was performed by the Marshall Steam Team. The car returned to service in September 2013.

Capacity: 4 passengers
Engine: 10 horsepower
Weight: 2,200 pounds
Wheelbase: 112 inches
Cost: $1,450 in 1914; 2015 equivalent: $34,414


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