1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon Model 820

The 15-passenger version of Stanley’s commercial offering, the Model 820 was the largest Stanley passenger vehicle ever built, and this example remains the only surviving 15-passenger model.

Believed to have been originally owned by the Litchfield Shuttle Company of Southbridge, Massachusetts, the Model 820 had been used to haul logs out of the New Hampshire woods prior to its purchase by Clarence Marshall in 1946 for $1,700 from George Monreau of Cochituate, Massachusetts.

Driven home after purchase, the vehicle immediately underwent an “early restoration,” with a new paint job (changing the color from black to the original red), installation of smaller, heavier wheels and tires, an engine change, and some burner work. Seat cushions were covered in imitation leather and a new top was made. A reliable car, it ran for 30 years with minimal maintenance.

An estimated 50,000 passengers have ridden in this vehicle, many for very short rides, and it may easily hold the record for the most passengers carried in an authentic antique car. Driven not only on two Glidden Tours but to many local meets and on a tour in Colorado, the total mileage since acquisition remains low—fewer than 10,000 miles.

Capacity: 15 passengers
Engine: 30 horsepower
Weight: 5,000 pounds
Wheelbase: 136 inches
Cost: $2,350 in 1915; 2015 equivalent: $54,635

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