1916 Stanley Touring Model 725

By 1915, the need to stop for water every 30 miles or so became an inconvenience to motorists, who frequently used cars for regular transportation. The increase in automobile use also resulted in a decrease in the use of horses and a reduction in the number of convenient roadside horse troughs where water could be readily obtained. In addition, the rise in vehicular traffic made the Stanley’s cloud of exhaust steam a nuisance and, occasionally, a hazard.

In 1915, the Stanleys drastically changed the design and appearance of their cars. Few cars were built that year, but afterward, all Stanleys had a condenser to catch the exhaust steam and channel it to the water tank for reuse.

Clarence Marshall purchased the Model 725 in 1948 from Mervin Allatt, Donald Randall or Ralph VanDine (who served as early vintage “steam car dealers”). An exceptional original condensing car, it has needed very little mechanical work to the engine and moving parts. Used intermittently for more than 60 years, the Model 725 has participated in many steam car tours and has appeared at numerous local events and shows.

This car adopted by Tim Ward

Capacity: 5 passengers
Engine: 20 horsepower
Weight: 3,400 pounds
Wheelbase: 130 inches
Cost: $1,975 in 1916; 2015 equivalent: $43,004

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