1937 Packard Model 1508

Purchased new in November 1937 (after the 1938 models had been introduced), this car has been a favorite of two generations of Marshalls—Clarence and Tom. Total mileage exceeds 67,000, including a nearly 12,000-mile trip to the West Coast and Canada in 1941 as well as numerous outings to tow Stanleys to Yorklyn in the late 1940s. It was repainted about 1980, but the chrome and upholstery remain original.

This car adopted in Loving Memory of Jane H. Jordan

Capacity: 7 passengers
Engine: 175 horsepower
Weight: 6,000 pounds
Wheelbase: 144 inches
Cost: $4,500 in 1937; 2015 equivalent: $74,168

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