Model T Driving School

Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive a Model T? Here’s your chance! We are now offering lessons with experienced drivers using our Model T!

If you are an antique car enthusiast, interested in Model T’s or just looking for a unique experience, this program is for you! Over the course of four hours, you will learn the history of the Model T and early automobiles while also getting behind the wheel to learn all the different components of driving. We are “T-eeming” with excitement to have you join in our Model T Driving School!

What your 4-hour lesson will entail:

  • Information on early automobiles and the Model T
  • Learning Model T basics, including:
    • Starting
    • Coordination of hand and foot controls
    • Additional driving tips and techniques
  • Plus, all participants will receive:
    • A certificate of completion and fun button
    • Time to explore the Marshall Steam Museum

Lesson schedule:

  • On-site instruction (1 hour)
  • Lunch (not provided) (half hour)
  • Off-site driving instruction (2½ hours)

Register below for this unique experience:
Each participant will need to be a member of the Marshall Steam Museum. If not a member, you will need to become a member at any level to register. Follow the link here to become a member, then sign up for your lesson.

A Model T Driving School lesson is $150 per participant and $25 for non-driving participants (with current membership). Please note: Participants must be 25 or older with a valid driver’s license and car insurance. Non-driver participant must be 21 or  older. We can only fit a total of 4 individuals in the car, including the instructor, so note the driver/passenger limit of 3 total. 

**Want to get this as a gift for someone? Purchase a gift membership (be sure to include the recipient’s name and information) and then leave us a note when signing up for the lesson. **





As a bonus, enjoy a special video of one of our instructors, John, and the two Model Ts that he owns!

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