Marshall Tribute Campaign

The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve (FAHP) is proud to be sharing the exciting experience of riding in – and driving – steam cars with new generations, welcoming more than 5,000 visitors to the site each year.

There is, of course, one experience that always makes a visit to Auburn Heights unique and memorable — spending time with Tom Marshall. As the dean of the steam car community, Tom and his wife, Ruth, continue to work every day to promote the hobby, keep alive the history of steam transportation, and train the next generation of operators and educators. Tom’s enthusiasm for hosting the 2018 Eastern Steam Car Tour is just the latest example of his decades-long commitment and unparalleled leadership.

FAHP is in the early stages of a very exciting project that will ensure the success and relevance of Auburn Heights far into the future. We have embarked on a capital campaign to upgrade and endow the museum, originally built by Tom’s father, Clarence. The museum is operated in partnership with Delaware State Parks, which is also engaged in making major improvements at the estate and adjacent areas in Yorklyn. I think you will be amazed by what you see if you visit.

Museum improvements will include professional exhibits and enhanced space for the collections, education space, improved HVAC and security systems, and modern public restrooms. We are fortunate to have $900,000 in hand for the capital improvements, and our permanent endowment just topped $118,000. We have begun work with our project team to define and implement the first phase of the project.

This is where you come in. We are asking fellow steam enthusiasts to participate in a tribute to the Marshalls, and an anonymous member of the steam car community has stepped up to offer a $25,000 challenge grant—matching dollar for dollar every contribution made as part of this effort. I’m sure that you are well aware of the incredible legacy that the Marshalls have provided over the last century, and we seek to acknowledge our debt to them with this initiative.

We hope that you will consider making a gift and participate in this tribute. The total amount donated/pledged and the list of donors will be presented to Tom and Ruth. 


Raised toward the $25,000 Challenge: $21,050 

Will you help us meet the challenge?


To make it easy to contribute, we have provided an donation form below with a Paypal link to donate online as well as a downloadable form if you prefer to mail payment. All contributions will be split evenly between the museum improvements project and endowment. If you would prefer to have yours go only to one or the other, just let us know, and we will gladly comply with your wishes.

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