Volunteer FAQ

Many questions can be answered by visiting the Volunteer home page.

How many volunteers do you have?

In 2014, we had 90 individuals that volunteered.

How many hours do volunteers give to the Marshall Steam Museum & Auburn Heights?

In, 2014 volunteers logged 9,667 hours.

What do volunteers do at the Marshall Steam Museum at Auburn Heights?
  • Tour guides
  • Garden volunteers
  • Children programs assistants (field trips & outreach programs)
  • Event volunteers (such as Steamin’ Days)
  • AVRR Train Crew
  • Electric Trains
  • Fundraising

Visit our volunteer homepage for complete descriptions for these roles.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
  • A close camaraderie with fellow volunteers and staff
  • A chance for behind-the-scenes access to our collections
  • Annual volunteer picnic in August
  • Opportunity to purchase a FAHP membership at the reduce volunteer rate if you log 25+ hours during the year.
How do I become a volunteer?

The first step is to fill out an electronic volunteer application or email admin@auburnheights.org to complete one over the phone. Once we receive your completed application we will set up an interview to show you around our site and make sure that we are a good fit for the volunteer experience you are looking for.

Is there an age minimum/maximum?

The minimum age to volunteer is 14. As long as someone can fulfill the responsibilities of the job requirements, there is no maximum age.

Can groups volunteer?

We do have limited opportunities for groups. Please contact us at admin@auburnheights.org or 302-239-2385 to discuss the kind of activity you are looking for, date(s), availability, group size, etc.

What opportunities are there to volunteer on weekdays?

TOUR GUIDES: While we do not have regular public hours, we welcome private tours by groups of 8 or more, and our volunteer guides share the Marshall Steam Museum and Auburn Heights Mansion stories with these special visitors. Each tour takes approximately 1 hour, with some larger groups requiring that we split them and give the tour twice (once to each half). Trainee guides are given the tour talking points and invited to shadow an experienced guide before leading a group (with a trainer at hand to help, as needed). Private tours are more frequent in spring and fall and are suspended from December to March (when our three-season public restrooms are shut off). We host Open House Tour the first Friday and third Saturday of each month (at 2 pm) from April through November, so the Friday tours offer an excellent training opportunity. If you’d like to train to become a tour guide in either the museum or mansion (or both!), indicate your interest on our Volunteer Application or contact us at (302) 239-2385; admin@auburnheights.org.

CHILDREN’S PROGRAM ASSISTANTS: Groups of children from area schools, day cares, camps and community organizations schedule field trips to the Marshall Steam Museum, and our Director of Education delivers engaging programs that range from tours and story times to hands-on crafts and activities of all kinds. These visits are most frequent in the summertime but happen sporadically in spring and fall as well. Volunteer Program Assistants lend a hand to assist with the crafts, answer questions and make the experience memorable for our youngest (and often most enthusiastic!) visitors. No prior training is needed, but those assisting with children’s programs will be required to complete a basic background check in compliance with county guidelines. If you enjoy working with kids and would like to help with children’s programs, please indicate your interest on our Volunteer Application or contact us at (302) 239-2385; admin@auburnheights.org.

What opportunities are there to volunteer on weekends?

EVENT VOLUNTEERS: Our public events, called Steamin’ Days, are held the first Sunday of every month from June through November (plus several holiday events, such as our popular Easter Egg Hunt, held the Saturday before Easter; Steamin’ Halloween on the Sunday before that holiday; and Steamin’ Thanksgiving on the Saturday of that holiday weekend), and we rely on volunteers to handle everything from selling tickets, to managing the gift shop, to directing parking and more. If you’re available and interested in helping from about 12 noon to 5 pm on these dates from June through November, indicate your interest on our Volunteer Application or contact us at (302) 239-2385; admin@auburnheights.org.

GARDEN VOLUNTEERS: We are building a Green Team of volunteers interested in helping to maintain and enhance the Auburn Heights gardens, and these work sessions typically occur on weekend mornings, with the greatest activity in early spring. If you enjoy working outdoors and want to exercise your green thumb, indicate your interest on our Volunteer Application or contact us at (302) 239-2385 or email admin@auburnheights.org.

I have community service hours to fulfill. Can I log hours at Auburn Heights toward that goal?

Absolutely! Please note, however, that our activities are largely centered on the Steamin’ Events, with periodic weekday and occasional weekend private tours as noted above, so if you are seeking to log a lot of hours in a relatively short time frame, we may not be the best choice. Our event volunteers typically work about 5 hours per month. On occasion, special projects emerge that require concentrated hours allow volunteers to devote hours over a defined period, and we’ll be sure to post them here as they arise, so check back if you’re interested in short-term commitments where you can work on a project, , give us a call at (302) 239-2385 or email admin@auburnheights.org. We look forward to hearing from you!!

I am interested in gaining internship experience working at a small museum. Can I do this at the Marshall Steam Museum?

Occasionally we have the internship opportunities for high school students, undergraduates, and graduate students. Please contact our Director of Education via email for more information.

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